Thursday, July 16, 2009

Richmond to Marysville OH 107 miles - 3,020.3 miles cum

Another one bites the dust!! We rolled into Ohio this morning after only 2.7 miles on the road. The states are starting to fall like dominoes! Today started out as a warm sunny day and just got better. The wind was out of the west for a change so every time we went East, we picked up a strong tailwind. It made for some nice riding today. We also rode mostly back country roads instead of the main highways. Ohio has the best roads we have seen so far at least as far as country roads. They were smooth with nice shoulders/berms. Also the riding was flat for the most part.We continued to pass through little towns that have old buildings from the early 1800's. I also saw some cemeteries which dated back to the 1790's. It is hard to imagine how it must have been back then.

I have decided to be a farmer! We have ridden past hundreds of farms through five or more states and I have not seen anyone working in the fields except for the Mennonite farmers back in Missouri. It looks like the farmers sit on the back porch and watch the stuff grow! I could do that easily enough.

At mile 31, Meiri and I took a little side trip to visit an old Mill. It was very interesting. Unfortunately it was not open but we poked around and saw everything including the dam and sluice boxes used to control the water to the wheel. Good stuff.

We stopped and ate lunch at a fairly new cafe in St. Paris which had been opened in a very old building. It was very good. It was run by the Mayor of St.Paris who was very interested in our ride.

As I was riding, I began to think about how comfortable I have become with the bike. Getting up everyday for six weeks and riding 85 miles or so has allowed me to know everything about my bike. I can feel things on it and tell if it is performing OK. It has also become an extension of me. It just feels natural to get on and ride. I can stretch on it, rest on it or just ride it. It really is fun!

We continued our ride through the countryside and the small towns until we came to Marysville. About a mile from the motel, Meiri spotted a Starbucks so we went and spent a pleasant half hour drinking Frappachinos and enjoying the breeze on the patio.

Brian, Meiri and I went to the Bob Evans for dinner. We were the last ones so we sat at the counter as the tables were all filled. It was good anyway.

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John Rankin said...

Forget becoming a farmer it is to much work. I grew up on a dairy farm and had to milk cows before and after school, that's why I became a telehone man.

It sounds like you are having so much fun. Perhaps, you will ride back to the left coast for another 52 days while Phyllis chows down on the dog food as you blow the life savings. The grass at your house is about 3 ft. high.
John Rankin