Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dodge City to Great Bend KS 86.8 miles - 1,851 miles cum

We are getting to the half way point in our trip across America. Today we were in a town which is half way between New York and San Francisco. Our route is a little different so we won't be half way for another day or two.

Today we started off in nice cool temperatures with a headwind, what else is new? It does seem like we get headwinds everyday. Today was mostly from the side so it wasn't too bad. Just before the first Sag stop, I broke my front derailleur. Luckily the chain was on the big chain ring and the route was flat. When I got to the Sag stop, Gerard and Sean looked at it but it couldn't be fixed. They called a bike shop but none was to be had. They locked it in the big chain ring as we won't be climbing for a few days and I should be able to order one so it can be replaced. I am starting to think my bike is jinxed!!!

It was pleasant riding all morning. We saw a large windmill farm today. I thought we would be seeing more of them as the wind never stops in Kansas. I also got to see an assembly area where they were either putting the windmills together or storing them for another location. They are big!

I was riding with Meiri again and we stopped at every historical site we met. There is a little town named for President James Garfield. At one point, we stopped in a museum which has a sod house inside to preserve it.

We had to keep a sharp eye out for the big harvesters as wheat is in full swing and they are moving the equipment all around.

We made it into Great Bend just in time for dinner! Last but not least!!!!

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