Friday, July 17, 2009

Marysville to Wooster OH 105 miles - 3,125.3 miles cum

Again the day started out cool and overcast with a threat of rain. I finally had enough sense to take my rain jacket today and it came in handy as it really poured for about a half hour mid way through the ride. Some of the folks had to take shelter in barns etc., but it wasn't too bad where we were so we just kept on riding.
We had a lot of turns today so it was important to keep track of the mileage and turns. No missed turns today, hurray! With 105 miles and over 4,000 feet of climbing, we did not want to go back!
We again went through a combination of old Ohio towns like Delaware, Marengo, Frederictown, Mifflin, Wooster and Ohio farm land. Still no one working in the fields. We finally did pass a dairy farm so Meiri could see that the milk cows come into the barn voluntarily to be milked. She still wants to milk one, maybe she will get her chance.
We passed a barn yard that had a bunch of llamas. We stopped to take a picture and the owner came out to talk to us. He said they were all pets. He originally planned to breed show animals but the rules changed and he didn't want to start over so they just live there. Once he came over, the llamas came over to see what was going on. I didn't pet them because I have heard that they are mean and spit! The owner said they just spit on each other but I didn't pet them anyway.
With all the climbing today, my rear derailleur started to act up. I spent about 10 miles tinkering with it so it would work although I can't shift into my lowest gear. I can live with that until I can get a mechanic to look at it.
Meiri and I didn't get to the hotel until 6:00PM, a long day. After dinner, I had to go do laundry. It is not easy being a biker!!!

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Betty said...

I really feel sorry for you ha ha!! love MOM
Me too Sounds like hard work but great fun Betty