Saturday, July 4, 2009

Abilene to Topeka KS 108.7 miles - 2,093.5 miles cum

Today is the forth of July and my birthday! The day started off with everybody wishing me a Happy Birthday at breakfast. It was a great way to start the day.
The skies were sunny at the start and gradually became overcast, but that was all right as it kept the heat down. We had pretty good tail winds to start off and the headwinds were not bad today. Gerard put some rubber bands on my front derailleur to see if I could shift into my middle chain ring. I didn't want to use it very much as the rubber bands would not last very long. I have been in my big chain ring for three days now, it is not too bad! I will get my new derailleur on Monday ( I hope).
This part of Kansas does not look anything like the Kansas we have been seeing for the last five days. It reminded me of Western Pennsylvania. Other folks said that it reminded them of Florida, England, Ireland, anyplace but Kansas. The big farms have disappeared and instead of wheat and corn fields, we just saw cattle farms and horse farms. It really was fun to ride today as we were on back roads and it was the 4Th so traffic was pretty much non-existent.
Meiri and I were bringing up the rear today, just taking our time and enjoying the day! I had flags on my bike and with our stars and stripes shirts, we looked patriotic. It was fun going through the little towns and waving at people like we were in a parade. Of course everybody else was also dressed in their stars and stripes shirts so the folks had a continuing parade!
Meiri treated me to a Mocha Frappachino for my birthday as we found a Starbucks a couple of miles from the motel. A perfect end to a great day!

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