Friday, July 10, 2009

Quincy to Springfield IL 108 miles - 2,563.9 miles cum

I want to thank everyone who is reading my blog and for the feedback that I have been getting. If you like it, let me know!
Today started out cloudy with the threat of rain. Bruce and I debated about taking rain gear but decided that it was so humid that we would be wet one way or the other so we elected to not take it. It never did rain. Meiri and I started out and we were only 2 or 3 miles down the road when the van with the luggage trailer went by. Imagine our shock when we saw that the doors to the trailer were open! I immediately called the van on the cell phone but no answer. I called the other van and Gerard answered. I told him about the doors and he said people had already been calling. Nothing fell out but I think we were just lucky!
Meiri and I decided that since we have been the last ones in for the last few weeks that we would prove that it was because we wanted to take pictures, eat lunch, have Starbucks, etc. not because we were necessarily the slowest. We decided to chase them down! We started pacing and caught Carol before very long. We were really starting to roll and soon ran down Bob and Marilyn. They had all started before we did. Bob gave chase but we had a head of steam up and could not be caught. Bob later said that he tired to catch us until the blood came out of his ears but couldn't. Pretty soon we caught up with Bruce and left him in the dust. We almost caught Brian but came to the first Sag stop before we could get to him. We were pretty proud of ourselves so we decided to keep it up to the next Sag stop. We again led the way into that stop not only ahead of the ones we talked about but right behind some of the faster riders. The second stop was in the town of Jacksonville and I noticed that a old building was being renovated. It was the county courthouse and was built in 1859. A pretty impressive building. We went off the route to go and take some pictures. We also found a mural on a building that depicted Abraham Lincoln giving a speech in 1859 where one of the locals first called for him to run for president. We took pictures and rode around the square, then started back on route.
Meiri and I again started out to catch everyone as they had all passed us while we were exploring Jacksonville. We raced into Springfield to the bike shop where everyone was stopping to shop. Bruce came in while we were riding up to the shop so we convinced him to stop for a Starbucks with us before going the last 10 miles. He did but got itchy to leave so again it was Meiri and I at the back of the pack. We went to see Abraham Lincoln's house and other buildings at the National Park in Springfield. We finally got to the motel just before Route Rap and dinner as usual, last! Now, however, we have proven it is because we choose to be last not because we are the slowest!!!

I haven't shown my map for awhile, the line is about 2/3 of the way across. It does look impressive!!!

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