Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great Bend to McPherson KS 65.1 miles - 1,916.1 miles cum

You know you have been riding alot when you say "Wow this was an easy ride today, only 65 miles and the wind was mostly cross with just a little headwind". If I had been riding at home in this, I would have been exhausted from the mileage and wind.
The day started out with the threat of rain. It was cloudy and cool but it felt good. We headed back out on route 56 towards McPherson. There were no turns at all. The route was pretty boring with nothing to see along the way except wheat fields and cows. Since it did rain last night, even the wheat harvest was halted as they can't harvest the wheat if it is wet. I was riding my "retro 10 speed bike" again today as I still have not found a new derailleur. I am still locked into the big chain ring which gives me 10 gears instead of 30. I finally ordered one and should get it by next Monday. Luckily with the flat roads, I don't need to shift into a lower gear. We rode to the only Sag stop at the 26.8 mile mark. It was in a nice rest stop area but no restrooms. Oh well back to the trees again. Meiri, Bob, Brian, Carole, Marilyn and I were the last ones at the rest stop. Eventually we all left heading down the road. Meiri and I decided to stop at the Sonic for ice cream. It was only 10:00am but would not see another town until we got to McPherson. I had a Reece's Peanut Butter Blizzard type of ice cream. It was really good. We left there and continued down the road. About 10 miles from McPherson, we came upon a large complex which was processing either oil or natural gas. There was some debate about which it was, but whichever it was, it is not what you would expect to see in Kansas. We got into McPherson around 1:30 and went to the Main Street Deli that Michele had recommended. It was very good.
We got into the hotel around 3:00PM. When I got to the room, my roommate Bruce was already there. He had my bags in the room as usual, he always does that when he gets in before me which is almost everyday. I went out to the pool for an hour or so before we went to dinner. There were about 6 or 7 of us out there. The sun came out just about the time we went poolside.

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