Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latham to Brattleboro VT 81.2 miles - 3819.2 miles cum

Today we entered another state, Vermont!! We are down to our next to last state. It was a pretty nice morning when we left Latham. After we crossed the Hudson river, Brian, Meiri and I took a little detour and wound up going through Russell Sage University. This was particularly exciting since Russell Sage was a distant relative of mine on my mother's side. My mother has been talking about Russell Sage ever since I can remember.

Meiri and I loafed along until we came to the Vermont border. We were amazed about how fast the view changed once we got into Vermont. Almost immediately, we started to see the mountains that have made Vermont famous. We began to see statues of moose which have been painted and decorated. They were everywhere as we approached and went through Bennington VT. We stopped at a Maple festival that was taking place and sampled the maple candy, maple flavored ricotta cheese etc.. They had a pretty good swing band playing. We talked to a lot of people about what we were doing and they were all impressed.

We stopped for ice cream in Wilmington. I haven't been to Wilmington since the family used to go skiing at Mt Snow VT which is very close. The town hasn't changed much since then except this was the first time I saw it in the summer.

We also saw Dave and Gordon who we saw the last two days and who are traveling from Washington to Portsmouth NH on their bikes. We also saw them several more times during the afternoon. We will probably see them again before we are done.

Only two more days before the adventure is over!! I think I am ready to stop riding.


Laura said...

I am bummed to realize that your ride will be over soon. I look forward to your daily adventure. What will you do next? Your loyal followers will be going through withdrawals.

Laura said...
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Charlie said...

It's getting close. Are you going through Keene? Brattleboro is only about 1 or 10 miles west of Keene ... as I remember ... some interesting evenings in Brattleboro ... Hope you have fun on your last two days. Great job, bro ...