Thursday, July 23, 2009

Canandaigua to Liverpool NY 71.3 - 3,579.5 miles cum

We loaded our luggage at 6:30AM today and then bicycled to Denny's for breakfast. It was raining hard when we left so everybody was wearing all of their rain gear. After Breakfast the rain let up as we headed east again. We started through the finger lakes region of New York, passing through all of the small towns I have heard about over the years but never visited like Geneva, Seneca Falls ,Waterloo, Avalon and a few more. It was interesting to see all of these towns which were founded in the late 1700's and early 1800's. I noticed that the old houses in Avalon all were built with Cupolas on the roofs so they could see the lakes. I saw a lot of Bed and Breakfasts in each of the towns. I think it would be a fun place to visit for a few days.

Meiri and I stopped at the Memorial Day museum in Waterloo. They claim to have been the first to start Memorial Day. I know Boalsburg PA also claims to be first. I will have to do some research and find out who is right.

Before the 1st Sag stop, Meiri and I decided to stop at a Walmart to use the facilities and for me to buy some batteries. As we went down the driveway, I heard Meiri say that she had a flat. Yes, Meiri has had her first flat since we started. Over 3,500 miles without a flat! The tire was also ruined as it had a big cut across the tread. Some of the guys had told me that they were not going to let her go across the country without a flat. They planned to let the air out of her tire the last morning of the ride. Now they won't have to do that, too bad because it would have been funny!

At Auburn NY, we had ice cream at the Red & White Ice Cream Parlour. It was in a building that had been built in 1835. They had very good ice cream they brought in from Maine. While we were still there, Leigh came in and said we should check our tires because she had just dug 10 pieces of glass out of her tires. I checked my tires and found 2 pieces of glass embedded in the front tire and 1 piece in the back tire. My tires are starting to look bad, hopefully they will last the rest of the trip.

We got in fairly early today as it was a pretty easy day. After dinner, Bruce, Meiri and I drank the bottle of ice wine I bought at Chautauqua. It was delicious!!

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