Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crawfordsville to Indianapolis 76.8 miles - 2,836.4 miles cum

Today was an easy ride to Indianapolis. We loaded our luggage at 6:15AM and then rode 3 miles to breakfast in Crawfordsville. We were on the road by 7:00AM. Once we were out of town, the traffic was very light, and the roads were flat. We passed through several small towns on the way to Pittsboro and our first Sag stop. After the Sag stop, we rode about 3 miles and then took a tour of the Rourk factory. Rourk makes parts for various companies including aerospace but what we were interested in was the titanium bikes they make. Making bikes is a small side business for them and they got into it because the owner is a cyclist and wanted to make custom bikes. It was very temping to go ahead and order one but I don't think I need a new bike just yet. We left Rourk and continued on our way to Indianapolis. The next stop was at the Eagle Creek Indianapolis city park. By now Meiri and I were riding alone. We decided to go down to the Marina to see what was going on. As we went down Brian was coming up. He turned around and came back down with us. We spent about a half hour there just sitting around drinking soda and talking. Brian said later that he had one of the best times of the ride sitting with me and Meiri just relaxing. We told him that he should spend more time with us because that is what we do. We don't ride as fast as we can to the next stop, we mosey along and and enjoy what the country has to offer. At dinner, Leigh also said that she would like to spend more time enjoying the journey and not just grind it out to the next stop. We said come on along!!
We left the park and rode to the Indianapolis Speedway. We went in and took the bus ride around the race track. It was fun to be on the track where the race cars go and see what the drivers see. We left there and headed to the Sports complex and the Velodrome. This is a banked track where you can race your bike around and see how far up the bank you can go. It was fun, I managed to get about half way up but decided not to spend all my energy doing that. The last 8 miles or so was along a nice bike path which eventually took us into downtown Indianapolis without going on main roads. We asked a biker on the path if he knew where there was a Starbucks. He did and actually took us over to it so we wouldn't lost. We spent about an half hour sipping our Frappocinos and enjoying the late afternoon sun. We got to the hotel about 5:30PM, just in time for cocktails and dinner. Fun day!

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